pronounced JAY-leen

I'm Jalene!

~Jalene Montross

In 2021 I transitioned from the monotonous work of traditional flower shop design, to owning my own business and curating custom creations for weddings and events.

Now, the arrangements I create are thoughtfully and carefully designed to reflect your unique story and personality. From intimate ceremonies to grand celebrations, each floral piece has a profound impact in commemorating your love and unity.

At the heart of my business, lies my passion for marriage equality. I strive for inclusivity and advocacy within the wedding and event industry. I welcome and embrace all expressions of love. At JM flora, you will find a welcoming space to celebrate unapologetically, regardless of your race, gender, orientation, or identity.

With an open heart and hands full of blooms, I look forward to connecting with you,

~I started my floral journey in 1996 at a flower shop in Ketchum, ID 🌷

~I do not like gardening or doing yard work πŸ˜‚

~I love visiting botanical gardens.🌺

~I'm passionate about marriage equality.πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

~I'm obsessed with K-Dramas and historical romance.❀️

~I played a hostage in a police training simulation. πŸš”

random stuff about me

 β€œJalene listened to everything I wanted. I loved my flowers so much and they made my backyard wedding even better!”

~ Molly | Eagle, ID